Meher Baba, 1894 - 1969

With close disciples in Cannes, France
Using alphabet board in California, USA Meher Baba in Egypt Embracing Mohammad the mast

Meher Baba feeding a mast
From the late 1920s on, Meher Baba turned from one unique phase of activity to another. Most of the 1930s consisted of a period of world travel. During these years Baba journeyed frequently to England, Europe and America, establishing contact with his first close group of Western disciples.
Toward the end of the thirties and for virtually the next decade, Baba turned his attention almost exclusively to his work with the "masts," spiritually advanced souls who are so intoxicated with their inner experiences of God as to appear to be mad. Despite their often unusual external appearances, Baba described such individuals as true lovers of God, and he worked arduously with certain of his disciples to contact hundreds of them, throughout India and surrounding regions.   >>>



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