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Stay with God

Francis Brabazon

In Baba’s words, "The book contains food for the brain and a feast for the heart." Baba said that this book gives life to God Speaks, and He had it read out three times to His intimate disciples. Francis Brabazon, an Australian poet who lived with Baba for more than a decade, wrote this book of prose and poetry at His express direction. It is an epic, a return to truly great literature, in which the life of the God-Man is chronicled in language befitting the theme. In addition to Francis’ poetry, the book contains three unique statements by Baba Himself, including His most comprehensive and detailed discourse about His Silence and the Word of words with which He will break it.

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The East-West Gathering

Francis Brabazon

This book is a lyric account of the 1962 gathering of Baba’s Eastern and Western lovers. Here Francis Brabazon reveals an intimate view of the working of the Avatar; giving poignant glimpses alternatively of His suffering and His radiance. Messages given by Baba at this sahavas are interspersed with the poet’s penetrating descriptions of eight kinds of lovers:Desirers, Workers, Resigners, Builders, Simple-praisers, Quiet-dwellers, Proclaimers and Servers. When the heart has once been located, this book is a great aid in its unveiling.

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In Dust I Sing

Francis Brabazon

During his years of residents with Meher Baba, Australian poet Francis Brabazon was encouraged by the God—Man to create a new type of English poetry: it’s form was based upon the Persian ghazal first perfected by the Perfect Master Hafiz: the theme was the intricacies of the relationship between the Lover and the Beloved -between the spiritual seeker and God. In Dust I Sing is a precious collection of one hundred and fifty of these gem—like poems of Love.



Journey With God

Francis Brabazon

Australian poet Francis Brabazon, who accompanied Meher Baba on a darshan tour through Southern India in 1954, conjoins a moving poetic account of the events of that journey with the spiritual messages given out by Baba during that tour.

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The Word at World’s End

Francis Brabazon

In five sections of diverse poetic style, Francis Brabazon relentlessly wields his caustic wit to peel away the last veils covering our dying civilization. This book couples unparalleled imagery with a stunning honesty as the author turns his penetrating gaze to the art, the religion and the everyday life of man on this planet today. The Word at World’s End will in centuries future stand as the most eloquent document of the death-rattle of the contemporary spiritual wasteland. Yet the book is Phoenix also, sowing the seeds of the New Humanity amidst the ruins of cadaverous illusions.