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God Speaks

Meher Baba, Second Edition

This unique book is subtitled "The Theme of Creation and its Purpose." It deals exhaustively with the mechanics of the universe, how consciousness develops through the stages of evolution, reincarnation and finally involution (the spiritual path). It is not philosophy. It is a reading meditation which leads to a deepening intuitive understanding of the meaning behind the innumerable forms and creatures in the world. The book explains the different planes of consciousness in detail, describing the experiences of the seeker as he treads the Path toward Union with God (Infinite Consciousness). It explains the nature and types of miracles, the four kinds of liberation, the details of the spiritual hierarchy and countless other points-while interrelating the spiritual terminologies of Sufism, Vedanta and Western mysticism. Most importantly, the book shows clearly the differences in power and authority between various kinds of teachers and masters-yogis, saints, Perfect Masters and the Avatar. It is an incomparable book.

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Meher Baba

These original discourses were given by Baba to His intimate disciples. In simple language they deal with the practical details of progress on the spiritual path. A few of the topics that these volumes cover are the dynamics of spiritual advancement, reincarnation and karma, which , Masters and the ways in which they work, the relative merits of different types of meditation (an exhaustive account) and numerous other points concerning the quest for higher consciousness. A sampling of titles: The New Humanity, The Beginning and the End of Creation, Violence and Non-Violence, The Problem of Sex, The Stages of the Path, The Nature of the Ego and Its Termination (Parts I-Ill), The Place of Occultism in Spiritual Life (I-Ill), The Types of Meditation (1-VIl), Qualifications of the Aspirant (1-VI), Maya (I-IV), God as Infinite Love.

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The Everything and The Nothing

Meher Baba

These are in many ways the most vital and profound of all of Baba’s discourses. Certainly they are the most poetic. With frequent flashes of humor Baba highlights the essence of spirituality through rich parables, anecdotes and vibrant new images. Some titles: The Lover and the Beloved, Wine and Love, The Pearl Diver, The Wine-Seller; Imparting of Knowledge, Awake Dream State to Real Awake State, The Now.

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Life at Its Best

Meher Baba

This book is a collection of messages given by Baba during His three-week visit to the United States in 1956. Succinct and penetrating, over 50 of them are compiled under the following categories: God and His Attributes, The Master and His Role, The Disciple and His Attitudes, The Self, Ego and Bindings, The Goal (Self—Realization) and It’s Attainment, General Messages to Mankind, and Meher Baba and His Activities.

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Beams from Meher Baba on the Spiritual Panorama

Meher Baba

Beams can in a way be considered to be an appendix to God Speaks. Here Baba further elaborates points and questions raised by that book. This volume ranges over themes from fraudulent saints to kundalini and has such chapter headings as "The Fabric of the Universe," "Avatar as the First Master;" "Supervening Orders in the Spiritual Panorama," "The Calculus of Opposites," and "Prayer as Inner Approach."