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Darshan Hours

Meher Baba (Selections), Edited by Eruch Jessawala and Rick Chapman; cloth = first edition

This book contains a number of conversations which Baba had with various lovers during the summer of 1962, while He was staying in Poona at Guruprasad Bungalow. It has a unique heart quality which comes from Baba’s frank advice and comments to a wide spectrum of His lovers. It is not a book of teachings--it is the Master instructing His dear ones in the way of love and surrender to Him. It is a book which powerfully recreates the awesome experience of time spent with the God-Man.

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The Path of Love

Meher Baba (Selections), Edited by Filis Frederick

This volume presents a superb selection of key messages from Meher Baba which are not otherwise readily available in published form. Baba explains matters in these concise discourses and messages which range over the full gamut from the esoteric ("The Unconscious Infinite ‘I,"’ "The Circles of the Avatar") to the most practical ("The Play of the Ego," "The High Roads to God," "How to Escape Illusion"), and the result is a rare and valuable collection of the God—Man’s words.

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The Narrow Lane

Meher Baba (Selections), Compiled and edited by William LePage

This book is a selection of gems from the teachings of Meher Baba, a compilation comprised entirely of material from the Discourses, Life at Its Best, Listen, Humanity! (Part II) and God Speaks.

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Sparks of The Truth

Meher Baba (Selections), Edited by C.D. Deshmukh

Various explanations of spiritual truths given from time to time by Meher Baba have been rendered into these twenty discourses by Dr. C.D. Deshmukh. Much of the emphasis is upon the relationship between the God-realized Master and His disciples; in the course of His exegesis Meher Baba conveys myriad practical hints to the spiritual aspirant. He also expounds upon such abstract concepts as the nature of the soul and the meaning of life, amply illuminating the principles governing the individual soul’s life in illusion.

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The Advancing Stream of Life

Meher Baba (Selections), Compiled by K.K. Ramakrishinan, Poona Center, India

This is a 200-page book compiled from a wide variety of Meher Baba’s published works, including some which are currently out of print. A comprehensive sampling of excerpts and discourses, it is a thorough introduction to a vast range of spiritual subjects.