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The Nothing and The Everything

Bhau Kalchuri

Written by one of Meher Baba’s close disciples, this book is based on a collection of points given by Baba on the details of the spiritual workings of the universe, from the meaning of Creation to insights into aspects of evolution and the planes of consciousness which have not previously been published.

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Meher Sarod

Bhau Kalchuri

Over half of this collection of ghazals—spiritual song-poems in a format taught to the author by Meher Baba—contain lines composed by Baba Himself.



Meher Roshani

Bhau Kalchuri

A second volume of ghazals by the author of Meher Sarod, the majority of these poems also contains lines contributed by Meher Baba.

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Let’s Go to Meherabad

Bhau Kalchuri

Let’s go to Meherabad is a unique book about the early years of Avatar Meher Baba, providing engrossing drama in the classical Indian style of Hari-Katha ("Stories of God") while simultaneously painting the most detailed and colorful history yet of the first two decades of Baba’s life and work at Meherabad. This volume is superbly designed and illustrated, and it is packed with poignant and humorous anecdotes of Baba’s first disciples’ everyday life with Him-all in all, a magic carpet of a book which transports the reader to an enchanted time in the history of this Advent of the Avatar. (July, 1985)

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Love Personified: Photographs of Avatar Meher Baba

Compiled by Lawrence Reiter

This oversized book compiles nearly three hundred extraordinary photographs of Meher Baba, spanning His entire lifetime--it is a tour de force of superb images of the Avatar of the Age.